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i m teh s3xx4y!!1!1

I need to leave the house a little later every morning! First, it only took me half an hour to get to work as opposed to the usual 45 minutes to an hour (maybe that was due to typical Friday Morning Drag, but I digress).

Next, as I'm walking from the parking garage to my building, a guy walking the other way suddenly stopped when he saw me and said, "I need one smile!" So I smiled at him, and he placed his hand on his heart, blew me a kiss, and said "Gracias!" as he continued along his way. Okay, it's probable that he does that with 80% of the women he walks by, but darned if I haven't been grinning like an idiot since!

Then, when I actually got to my cube, I found that some anonymous kind soul left me their Cool Beans frequent buyer card, with 4 of 10 stamps already filled out! (10 stamps = one free coffee) And I already have a card with 8 stamps on it... this is too awesome! Two days after I find out that there's a Cool Beans down the street, I've got 12 stamps! ;D I think I know who might have left it, so I'll have to thank him later.

I'm usually here around 7:30-ish so I can leave at 4:00, but tonight I'm heading straight from here to Oakland for lordjosh2004's farewell party, which doesn't begin 'til 5:30, so I decided to treat myself to a little extra sleep. So far, it is paying off tremendously.

I'll try to get the sappiness out of the way here so I don't embarrass myself this evening. Josh, you're the best friend I had in Computer Science. We slogged through 8 AM Satanica Mathematica labs and 45-minute lectures on structs in C++, tried not to fall asleep in night class, bitched about Java, and played on the Internet all day, every day as Wiebe struggled ineptly to explain logic. And you are an even better friend outside of school- thanks for all the LAN parties, Vampire, helping me get a job at Katz, and for just being there in general. Congrats on graduating, and all the best to you. Go forth and kick ass in Boston, my friend. As I often wish you right after you wish the Force to be with me, "live long and propser!" -_-

As far as work goes, I've been playing with some TSQL code too. My assignment is to figure out what it does. Ah, the joys of proprietary langauges! I hope I'm doing a good job of it, because nobody here will be able to tell me if I'm right or wrong, it seems...

P.S.: www.sitepal.com I got into a fifteen-minute argument with the resident AI over God. Unfortunately, this AI is no better than any other "Eliza"-esque program I've played with, and digresses into gibberish just as you've backed her into a corner. Still pretty amusing though. ^_^

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