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17 July 2004 @ 10:02 am
Brief self-pimpage first: check out the updates at me site by clicking here! I'd especially appreciate it if you'd sign my new guestbook. My guestmap crapped out and died a bitter death.

The place where I work is the first corporate environment I have ever experienced that does not provide you with all the free coffee you could want. You gotta join a "club" and bring in your own ground coffee to placate the masses. I, sir, shall have none of it. I bring in my own water and teabags instead (oh yeah, did I forget to mention that you have to pay monthly dues to be allowed to use the water coolers? wtf?). It's either that, or drinking icky city water- which, admittedly, I was exposed to for three-odd years with no ill effect.

Tea, Earl Grey, hot is not bad to have around, especially since my cube (I lovingly refer to it as the "Cubicle of Doom") is strategically situated underneath an air-conditioning vent that spews forth iciness all day long. But tea just doesn't pack the same caffeinated wallop of good ol'-fashioned black coffee. Well, lemme tell you, folks: I just got my first cup of coffee here at home in over a week, and I'm juiced up enough run a friggin' marathon and wash your car for you afterward. It's a good thing for humanity's sake that I no longer live within walking distance of a Starbucks.

So anyway- garage sale today at my place. I pitched in and did some pricing last night, and rescued some stuff that was put up for sale without my knowledge or consent, but I refuse to help sell things. You see, my mom was raised in a culture where you never pay the sticker price on anything, and everyone knows it, yet even so, haggling on price can last for hours. Need I go on?

I need to do something with all this hyperness. I was thinking dance party in the living room. BTW, got my cheapo ballet slippers for my wedding ensemble, such as it is, heh. No way am I spending the day in three-inch-heel footkillers that no one's going to see under my dress anyway!
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: Ishtar with Los Ninos del Sara - Alabina album
thedemonprist on July 17th, 2004 08:13 pm (UTC)
Coffee club? Water dues? *coughs very loudlyBULLSHIT* Riiiiiight. -_-

Wanna come wash my car, though? ;)

*<3 <3 <3 garage sales*

*envisions you in the Cubicle of DOOM! with a Dilbert-boss hovering overhead asking if you brought in any of the expensive coffee* XD

And of course, I have duly defacedsigned your guestbook. ;)
Miusherimiusheri on July 19th, 2004 04:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your kind words! And yes, I'd definitely wash your car were it not hundreds of miles away! ^_^**

Fortunately, my bosses (yes, I've got two of 'em x_X) aren't the hovering type. Sometimes I can go days without seeing or hearing from either. =)