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I spend a great deal of time anymore at www.randi.org. To wit, another gem from Mr. Randi (3/1/2002's commentary):

"I'm told that the German government is trying to prevent on-line marketing giant EBAY from selling copies of "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle), the political manifesto written 1925/27 by Adolf Hitler. The fear apparently is that Germany might return to that sort of politics. One has to wonder whether the Koran and the Bible should also be banned because of atrocities committed by those who believe these books dictate to them an ethnically superior notion, and call for vengeance against unbelievers.

"While I'm on that subject, I'm amused to see the terror expressed by some Christian zealots over the Harry Potter books and the Dungeons & Dragons game. They tremble at the possibility that children might actually begin to believe in the miracles and powers outlined in those popular items, or be led to criminal behavior. Strange indeed. Consider what Christians accept: burning bushes, angels, virgin birth, prophecy, healing touch, water turning into wine, parting the Red Sea, walking on water, levitation, raising the dead — to say nothing of incest, rape, mass murder, seduction, public fornication, and other nasty stuff found in the Bible....

"What makes these miracles any more believable, or crimes more acceptable, may I ask?"

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