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Random goodness

* Despite our 86-ing the pool, our backyard has become quite a diverse ecosystem. We play host to a family of chipmunks and another of rabbits- spotted four bunnies at one time today. The former scamper around while the latter enjoy eating the grass we're trying to seed parts of the lawn with. Oh well, at least someone's getting enjoyment out of it. ;)

There's also plenty of birds, and of course, Fluffy- alternatively known in our house as Fluffykitty and Fuff-Fuff. Fluffy is a calico outdoor cat owned by the people a few houses up from us, but we don't think they take care of her. She's always attention-starved and ultra affectionate. When you step outside to pet her, you've made her year, it seems. My sister sometimes feeds her, much to my mom's chagrin. We don't let her in the house, though, because Tootsie would be probably have a nervous breakdown. However, it is noted that Tootsie has seen Fluffy before, and Fluffy Tootsie, and it's to the point now that they can sit within relative proximity of one another and not hiss, meow, or act in any way aggressive.

* Tootsie meows a lot when she hears the voice of someone she's familiar with who's been away for a little while (as if to say, "Where the hell have you been?!"), and she's starting to do that with me now, heh. She also actually sat in my lap today, which was really cool and unexpected. Could've just been that she wanted the salt on my fingers from those Tostitos I'd had, but still.

* The new job is going okay so far. The commute isn't fun, especially not in Mom's 14 MPG Jeep (I just spent $25 filling that bastard's gas tank on Sunday, and it's already down to 1/4 tank), but at least I'm starting to get acclimated. The first meeting I sat in on, every other word might as well have been Chinese for all the good it was doing me. Now, I sorta have a feel for things, but I still space out during meetings. ^_^*

What is highly ironic is that a lot of the stuff I'm doing involves things I learned in marketing and strategic management, which I'm sure you might imagine is quite infuriating for someone who repeatedly bitched about what practical use those courses would ever have. At least I can say the job also involves some database and networking knowledge, so I have that going for me.

* I'm spending most of this weekend with a friend of mine whom I've known through high school and college. She's still at Pitt, still in Squirrel Hill, so that's where I'll be. And she's making me Japanese food, too! =9

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