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This oughta hurt your brain

The following is from randi.org (
the full newsletter can be had here):


Reader Michael Duchek from California writes that a recent article that appeared here reminded him

. . . of situations I've been in a number of times, and I know you've heard a million of these stories, but I couldn't resist passing this short one on. Until recently I worked "graveyard" at a hotel here in Arcata, a town whose reputation for marijuana, and all the disjointed beliefs that go with its use, is well deserved.

One evening a lady asked me if I'd seen any recent movies, and I apologetically said that nothing new really interested me, and I was just waiting for the last Lord of the Rings movie. Her response:

"Yeah, those are good. But, it's such a dark period of our history..."

I was too flabbergasted to even respond, which is probably just as well. I would have lost a customer, and possibly my job.

I suspect that use of "disjointed" was a pun...?

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