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What the hell indeed, Bast!

I wanna do the writing meme too, because I am an attention whore.

What's the last thing you wrote?

The last things I've worked on were the massive Ronixis script MiSTing and my original fantasy WIP. The last thing I finished? Um... probably the pre/post-war stuff for Fantasy Master Online.

Was it any good?

I'm hoping the first two will be positively received. As for the latter two, I've gotten positive feedback so I guess so =)

What's the first thing you ever wrote that you still have

Oh, God... Sonic fanfic ::runs and hides::

Was it any good?

I was still in my Mary Sue phase at that tender young age. What does that tell you?

Write poetry?


Angsty poetry?

If I did it probably wound be angsty, but I don't so the point is moot.

Favourite genre of writing?

Depends on my mood... but I love writing allegorical satires and pastiches, and have been easing my way into fantasy/sci-fi.

Most fun character you ever wrote?

I really liked writing Zavvis, my old Star Trek RPG character. Lara Croft and Wilykat were also favorites, as was Mumm-Ra. He didn't show up often in my stuff, but when he made an appearance, I tried to make it good.

Most annoying character you ever wrote?

Every character I wrote before the age of eighteen.

Best plot you ever wrote?

Hmm, the best ones were probably the ones I never finished, hehe... otherwise, I'm still rather proud of "Home Sweet Home."

Coolest plot twist you ever wrote?

I'm not much for coming up with good twists, sorry ^_^ Probably "Wake the Dead" is the twistiest, but that story's been crucified just as often as it's been praised, so I really don't know what to think.

How often do you get writer's block?

That would be about every day. I have some good ideas that just don't want to materialize.

How do you fix it?

I either try to force myself into writing anyway- generally a bad idea- or I take a break and do something else 'til the inspiration hits me.

Write fan fiction?

For a long while, that's all I did.

Do you type or write by hand?

Both, though I prefer a computer because sometimes, I can't write out my thoughts fast enough, and I'll lose something good.

Do you save everything you write?

Yup- even the hideously awful stuff and the stuff I never finish.

Do you ever go back to an old idea long after you abandoned it?

Indeedy do.

What's your favourite thing that you've written?

Again, I kinda look upon "Home Sweet Home" as the best I've ever done or will do again. I constantly try to recapture whatever it was that helped me write so well that summer I finished it, but I haven't quite caught on yet, at least not to my satisfaction.

What's everyone else's favourite thing that you've written?

I wouldn't know. The pollgear on my site records at least one 10 and one 1 rating for pretty much everything I've posted there ;)

Do you even show people your work?

For a while I refused to, but lately I've gotten better about it. There are still some people I'd rather jump out a window than show my stuff to. Like my parents.

Who's your favourite constructive critic?

vr2lbast, thedemonprist, and Nicholas all offer plenty of good suggestions.

Do you have a web site for your writings?

One rather crappy one for my TCats stuff: http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/wilykit/msltcats.html
Very soon, I'll be putting up a much better site that will harbor everything I've turned my demented little mind to, hehehe!

Did you ever write a novel?

Longest story so far: 74 pages in Word. Long, but shitty, so you don't get to see it.
However, my current WIP has reached 77 pages in Word, and I feel it's only about 25% complete.

Have you ever written fantasy, sci-fi, or horror?

Yes to each, though I don't know how horrific my horror really is ;)

Ever written romance or teen angsty drama?

When I was younger and Sueisher.

What's your favourite setting for your characters?

Don't have favorites, I guess... but I preferred to base TCats 'fics on Third Earth as opposed to New Thundera.
Other settings I've written include ancient temples, cities on the moon, and Hell.

What's one genre you have never written, and probably never will?

Umm... probably slash! I can't say the words, what makes you think I can type them?

How many writing projects are you working on right now?

Two are on the forefront, and there are three or four others on the back burner that don't receive a lot of attention, but they haven't gone stagnant so long as for me to pronounce them dead just yet.

Do you want to write for a living?

That would be great- but, like vr2lbast, I'm not sure how I'd tolerate a set schedule or deadline. Sometimes it seems to work wonders for me, sometimes it just kills whatever creative spark I have.

Ever written something in script or play format?

My MiSTings are all like that.

What are your five favourite words?

I dunno... if I came up with a list I'm sure there'd be more than five!

Do you ever parody?


What's your favourite thing to parody?

Governmental and bureaucratic stupidity.

Do you actually like that thing, or are you spitefully making fun of it?

I'm quite the bitter bitch.

Do you ever write based on yourself?

Sometimes you have to, and I don't automatically deny the impulse. Your own thoughts and experiences can make something seem more real to someone else.

What character that you've written most resembles yourself?

Barring any Mary Sues that you might try to blackmail me with, I'd say Wilykat. I tend to make him diffident and unsure in his speech.

Where do you get ideas for your other characters?

Sometimes real life, sometimes I have no idea. Sometimes, it's like I'm not actually creating anything, but recording something that actually happened somewhere else. Robert Heinlein delved into this feeling; I really need to read "The Cat Who Walks Through Walls."

Do you ever write based on your dreams?

I've got some uncompleted stuff that was dream-based.

Do you favour happy endings, sad endings, or cliff-hangers?

The story usually tells me how it wants to end. I don't really have a choice. ;)

Have you ever written based on an artwork you've seen?


Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?

aw D thyme d00d!

Ever write something entirely in chatspeak? (How r u?)


Entirely in L337?


Was that question completely appalling and un-writer like?

Not really, but damn it, too much 1337 makes my brain hurt. And I absoltely cannot take seriously any communique that uses three-letter words expressed in one letter. Write like that on purpose, and you deserve a MiSTing and a boot to the head.

Does music help you write?

It's inspiring, but I can't concentrate with any sort of noise in the background.

Do you have a weblog or livejournal?

No way! Only losers have those! //sarcasm

Are people surprised and confused when they find out you write well?

I don't think, but they're probably surprised about what-all can and has been written about an 80s cartoon targeted to pre-adolescents.

Quote something you've written. The first thing to pop into your mind.

Just randomly from the in-progress 'Nixie MiSTing (bold is his script, un-bold my retort):

>They are just pilots and engineers, not solders.

CROW: [Mandora] And if you can’t use ‘em to fuse capacitors to circuit boards, then what the hell good are they for?

I forgot to mention: I got my diploma from Pitt the other day! Unfortunately, my "Summa Cum Laude" is in tiny type all the way at the bottom- the friggin' chancellor's signature is more legible- and, it only says "Bachelor of Science" on it. So I busted my butt in the CS department for four years, and I get the same recognition as one who took a few credits here and there in PoliSci. Oh well. At least I'm not dumb enough to pay the university in excess of $300 to frame my insult.

I'm still psyched that I don't have to drive to Point Breeze every day when I start work, hehe! I'll be at Allegheny Center, which as I recall has a nice park surrounding it. (I heard somewhere that Pittsburgh's the greenest city in the US. All that greenery is probably concentrated in one place, LOL- I didn't see much at Pitt!) And, it'll only be an eight-minute commute when Nick and I move into our apartment! Yeee!! Compare that to the ninety-odd minutes I'm accustomed to!

Now enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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