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0 to 90 in two days!

So, mqstout- there's a single bus from the North Shore to your place? Which one? You're one lucky guy come Pirates/Steelers time, I tell you...

Anyway, it feels as though I've been idling in neutral for the past month, and suddenly someone just slammed their foot on the accelerator of my existence. New (or not-so-new) developments:

1) The new job is officially a go, and I will start the 21st. Have to go to Point Breeze that morning for orientation, and from then on, I'll be on the North Shore, practically next door to PNC Park and down the street from Heinz Field. I hope my cubicle comes with a window!

2) Given [1], I'm leaving retail. It is satisfying and saddening at the same time, I can't really figure out why. I guess it's because I'd been working there on and off since 2001, and my boss really is a nice lady.

3) I now seriously need my own vehicle. I test-drove an Ion quad coupe yesterday, and that was kinda fun. It's not the fastest of cars- guess I'm just a teensy bit spoiled by Nick's Firehawk, heh. I also want to try out a Cavalier, Celica, Tiburon, and possibly an Eclipse (don't laugh, damn it, I'm limited to econoboxes for now, so I might as well go faux-sporty). Once I decide on my make and model of choice, I'll look for a gently used one to buy. Barring availability, I'll buy new.

4) It's official: Nick and I have a place to move into together. Mom and Ray bought an apartment not too long ago in Robinson Township, and that's where we're going. They're working on fixing up the place a bit right now, and Nick has been helping. It's really quite nice: fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, two bedrooms, two full baths, a sunk-in living room, and a little private patio. The complex is in a quiet, woodsy area and has a tennis court and swimming pool, but is about 5-10 minutes by car to practically anything you could want: restaurants, malls, movies, groceries, gas, the airport, you name it. The 'rents just want us to cover the monthly mortgage payment and utilities- and I can easily afford that with my newfound wealth ;) We'll probably move in around August.

5) Then, of course... the wedding! And OMFG I'm only 22, thedemonprist! ;D (To open up that can of worms, go check out her lastest post!)

The screwy thing is, I'm not out-and-out stressed about the wedding, and yet I keep having dreams about everything going batshit insanely wrong the day of the event. Technical matters, like the officiant not showing up, or unwanted guests showing up and refusing to go away, or me putting on the wrong dress and not realizing it 'til it's time for me to march. Three such dreams to my knowledge- and for someone who remembers perhaps one dream in 100, that's a lot. Go figure.

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