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You do NOT want to be picked in this draft

I have e-mailed and will soon be mailing out the following to my state rep and senators. If you're between the ages of 18 and 26, or even if you aren't and you oppose a military draft, please, PLEASE write a letter to your congressional reps as well. This isn't a joke. If S 89 / HR 163 are passed, the draft will commence as early as next year.

Dear [Representative],

It has come to my attention that legislation has been introduced into Congress to reinstate the draft. I urge you to vote against S 89/HR 163 if or when the opportunity arises.

A military draft is not the solution to Mr. Bush’s crusade against terrorism in the Middle East. For one, a draft would force thousands of talented young people away from higher education and skilled jobs in which they could be making a positive contribution to society. For another, a draft is something that military personnel dread. It contributes to low morale and discord, and invites the animosity of those who have willingly volunteered to serve.

Just as deciding to join the armed forces is an important personal decision, deciding not to join is also an important decision and should be respected. No one should ever be forced by our government to do something he or she doesn’t want to do; otherwise, we must cease to call ourselves a free nation.

It seems that in place of careful planning and foresight, the Bush administration prefers to simply throw money and troops at whatever difficulties arise in the Iraq campaign. I sincerely urge you not to perpetuate this trend. Instead of searching for ways to prolong the conflict by sending over more of our nation’s youth, we should be dedicated to gradually reducing the number of troops in Iraq while returning sovereignty to the Iraqi people.

I thank you for your time and kind attention to this matter.


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