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Another year, another post

I hope everyone reading this has been having a nice holiday! I'm at work today because our sales beasts wanted an extra day this year in which to squeeze in orders- or so the rumor mill has it- but I will get to leave early, and I'll have January 3 off. Still, it's supposed to be sunny and near 50 today, and listening to Remy play video games downstairs is not exactly conducive to worker productivity.

Our holiday has been enjoyable so far. The only gripe I have was being forced to endure Mamma Mia! at my mom's house, Xmas evening. Paying any attention to this movie is like witnessing your parents get drunk at a wedding, butcher ABBA songs on the karaoke machine, and drunk-seduce random bystanders. It leaves a stain of awkwardness and shame on your psyche that time is not quick to erase. The "story" of the movie is shit, too. I guessed the "surprise" ending before it happened. You know, when Nintendo remade Goldeneye 007, they swapped out imagery of Pierce Brosnan for Daniel Craig. Endure the ending credits of Mamma Mia!, and you will understand exactly why this was done. You have forever revoked your license to kill, Mr. Brosnan.

What the hell happened to musicals? They used to be so charming. Stuff like My Fair Lady and Singin' in the Rain? They just don't make them like that anymore.

Anyway, I hate to spend most of this post bitching and moaning when I've had such a good holiday and year in general. One year since we've moved into our house, which is crazy. We're looking forward to many more here; we really like where we are.

Also of interest is the Winter Classic this Saturday. It will be played in the 'Burgh this year, at Heinz Field. Hilariously, our forecast calls for highs in the low 50s and RAIN. Heinz Field can't have decent turf, and apparently it can't have decent ice either. I have no idea what rain will do to a hockey rink, but I'm morbidly curious to find out.

And, of course, GO STILLERS. I'll be more than happy if they make it to the AFC Championship game. I really don't expect them to end up in the Super Bowl, but if they somehow do, they'll have a fair shot against most of the NFC- i.e., any team that hasn't yet figured out how to shred their secondary (by constantly hitting the guy whom McFadden is no doubt failing to cover- ahem).

Happy New Year, everyone!
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