Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

O 4th Amendment, where art thou?

* This? Is retarded. Want to buy wine in the grocery store? YOU ARE AN IDENTITY-STEALING DRUNK UNTIL YOU PROVE OTHERWISE, CITIZEN. Oh, and give us an extra dollar. These "security" measures don't pay for themselves, you know!

Fuck that. I'll drive to Ohio or West Virginia for wine before I approach one of these stupid things. For the time being, there are still liquor stores in PA, and they don't automatically assume their customers are criminals. They will continue to receive my business.

* Not new, but also fucking ridiculous. The lovely naked picture scanners have been installed at our airport now. This strongly tempts me to fly out of Cleveland from now on... only, Cleveland probably won't be far behind.

You're allowed to waive the scan, but the alternative is a possible (probably imminent) pat-down. What, you don't want to submit to naked pictures that government-issue goons are free to copy and transmit at will? What are you trying to hide, citizen? Stand right there while I put on my gloves. No, I don't have any lube, and we've already confiscated yours.

Just wait until the first guy or gal comes along who tries to sneak past security with something illicit stuck up a nether region. Let's see what sort of knee-jerk, ineffective, humiliating "security measure" passengers will be subject to then.
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