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It's nice to know that any asshat off the street can call my cell phone company, get access to my account, and appropriate my phone number.

I noticed the problem on the train this afternoon... I couldn't place any calls with my phone. That had me a bit worried, since I was supposed to let Nick know when to meet me at the station. At least my stop is close to the mall; I could've gone in there and used a pay phone.

Fortunately, Nick knew about what time I was supposed to arrive that day, and was already in the parking lot waiting for me. He says he knew to come because when he tried to call my cell, it said my phone number was no longer in service. I couldn't figure it out; I've always paid my bills on time and everything. So before heading out, we stopped at the mall to talk to the cell phone co. reps there. After about 45 minutes, I got my phone number back, but only after learning that at some point yesterday, someone had called the company, apparently posing as me, and asked them to have my number changed. Meanwhile, this person somehow got the use of my number and used it for all kinds of mad calling. So I probably have overage for this month, because I have the cheapest plan available- which the reps said would be "taken care of" because they filed a fraud report for me (yeah, I'll believe that when I see it). They also set my account up with a password, so that anyone else who calls about my account would have to know that password to be able to do anything else.

By this point I'm quite rattled, 'cause I have no idea how anyone could have gotten enough info about me to get into my account. I asked if I had done anything wrong or stupid, and they said no; probably just someone randomly picking numbers. Thanks, that helps.

Also, now all kinds of shady people know my phone number, and may not yet know that their asshat friend lost control of it. I got two weird calls before turning my phone off, and I'm almost afraid to turn it back on.

Oh, and the kicker? The reps told me to call customer care, to see what kind of things this asshat was able to tell them/find out about me. So I called... not only do they tell me there's nothing they can do, but was I asked for my password, even once?

I'll let you fill in that blank.

Well, my credit card looks un-fooled around with, but who knows about my SSN, address... hey Damocles, thanks for the demonstration, but you can have your sword back now.

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