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That's the song from the SamBakZa flash movie that thedemonprist had linked to a while back in her LJ... the movie is cute and the song is hella-catchy. May just have to buy that album...

It's been a great past few days! It's nice having big chunks of off-time that are additionally free from worrying about studying or papers or other such nonsense. It's also nice that all parental units, by some cosmic coincidence, are currently vacationing/on business in Phoenix, leaving both Nick's and my house rather peaceful (and leaving me a car I can use whenever I need it- woo!). Nick's starting to feel better now, BTW, and during his recovery I have mastered the fine art of making CoCo Wheats.

We didn't do much of anything Thursday; we visited Oakland and had ice cream and played Settlers of Catan with mqstout, Josh, and Ryan on Friday; and yesterday we got Nick and Jeff measured for wedding tuxes before heading off to the Monroeville ComiCon... sort of. My heightened state of excitement resulted in a corresponding drop in brainpower, and we ended up in the wrong line and paid admission to a toy convention instead. But it ended up working out pretty well- admission was much, much cheaper ($5 a person as opposed to $17 for the ComiCon), and it had pretty much everything that you could find at the ComiCon, or at least the kind of stuff I go to the 'con for. I can't believe that a) I got away with only spending $35 and b) none of that $35 went toward Star Trek-related memorabilia. Instead, that $35 got me a four-disk DVD set of pretty much every damned episode of The Tick ever made. As he would say: "neato keen!" ;D

I worked today downtown for seven hours, which I thought would suck, but the time flew by. Good thing I loaded up on chocolate raspberry coffee, ne? Caffeine really does wonders for me sometimes.

Well, my former professor Dave is coming over tomorrow to play some games with me, Nick, and Jeff. I'm very excited. I just hope everyone hits it off nicely!

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