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Of Work and Weights

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Yeesh, so much to do at work lately. Last week was the week of five customers calling in with OMG FIX THIS RIGHT NOW issues in a span of two days- with just three (sometimes four) of us to handle said issues. Good times. I also have to work the Monday after the 4th of July. However, my promotion kicks in this Thursday (my first promotion ever!), which means that when I rake in my holiday double-time, it's going to be at my new, higher hourly rate.

On the balance, I do like my job. I love working from home. July 10 will be my four-year anniversary with the company. Next year, for the fiver, I'm going to get another week of vacation, which will put me up to four. WOOT.

Since I went to college and left martial arts, I've struggled to engineer a regular exercise routine that I would actually stick to. I'm thin and have a good metabolism, which thankfully hasn't changed, but I recognize that this won't always be the case, so establishing a routine now would be smart.

In college, I failed to stick to anything other than walking- lots of walking around the big city campus- and the occasional stint of dancing, because I love to do that. After college, during the first few years getting acclimated to a 40-hour work week, not much doing there either except lots more walking, as I transitioned from suburban drive-everywhere life to living smack-dab in the core of a city, where one can walk to whatever one wants.

I'm still in a city, and I still do lots of walking. If I use my car twice a week, that's a lot of driving for me. Since I started working from home, I've been using my lunch hour every other day as exercise time. Thirty minutes doing something, thirty minutes to shower and prepare to return to work. I occasionally wuss out when not feeling well, but I find that, once I drag my butt to the bedroom and change into my workout clothes, I can follow through with the exercise.

Until recently, something was mostly cardio with just a little weight work thrown in. I've recently switched things around, doing lots more lifting and less cardio, and I'm really liking it so far. There's a lot of helpful instruction and advice on stumptuous, which is targeted toward women, but is useful for men, too. I use a couple of ten-pound dumbbells for everything at this point. I'll eventually want to upgrade the apparatus, but there's no rush.

Something else I really want to try is Shovelglove- but wouldn't you know it, there wasn't a single eight-pound sledgehammer to be had the last time I went to the hardware store. We're heading out there again tonight for paint and some other stuff, I'm hoping they've restocked.
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