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Not much to be posting about today, but post I shall.

Nick is slowly beginning to feel better, though not so much today since he's trying to get adjusted to life without potentially habit-forming painkillers. I'm hoping he'll be well enough to drive to school to take his final tomorrow, because I may not be home early enough to take him. Although, last semester he completely forgot about taking one of his finals, and still ended up with a B- in the class! ::shakes head:: I tell ya, they get away with stuff at Bobby Mo that kids at Pitt would be crucified over.

After work, I have a job interview tomorrow with a software firm in Point Breeze- close enough to Oakland to let me terrorize my friends there on occasion during lunch hour, should I get hired, heh. They don't have a specific position in mind for me; if I got hired, I'd kinda be in limbo doing who-knows-what until an appropriate position comes along. Weird, I know. They seemed interested in letting me do some graphic design and writing, though, which I think would be interesting to try in a corporate setting. At any rate, it would help me make up my mind about what I might get a masters in. Now that Mom's working for a firm that manages art schools, I'm beginning to seriously consider a program dealing with computer art (free tuition! Ching-ching!).

Just got off the phone with Nick- he's starting to feel worse and thinks he might have an infection now. =(

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