Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

The Blizzard of '10?

This is the most snow I've seen in Pittsburgh in ages. Nineteen inches since yesterday, and it's still coming down. State of emergency has been declared. Buses and T are mostly shut down, lots of power outages, but (obviously) we're OK so far. And, we have nowhere we need to be this weekend, so that's good.

As much trouble as it's causing, it's still really pretty...

(6:30 PM Saturday): Still doing OK here, and so's my sister, but my parents have been without power since 10PM Friday. They have a gas fireplace, thank goodness, because otherwise they'd be in some trouble. Not like they can hop in the car and ride out the blackout somewhere else, as there's well over two feet of snow covering their driveway.

I feel bad- I want to do something to help them, but there's just no way and nothing that can be done. At least they have that fireplace. Hundreds of thousands of people lost power, and I doubt all of them have fireplaces... they've set up warming shelters throughout our county, but again, how are people supposed to get to them?

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