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Florence Nightingale I'm not

Been sitting around with Nick all day... poor guy just had all his wisdom teeth removed in one shot. I'm worried about whether I'm taking good enough care of him, and looking at all the blood sure isn't heartening... look, I could blast people to bits with a rocket launcher in Unreal Tournament and not even bat an eye, but real-life blood is very hard for me to stomach.

It would be easier to go about this if it were just me and him. But his mom's constantly hovering over him too... I know she cares and she means well, but this is hard enough to begin with, and it's really frustrating me that she's acting like we're both helpless, clueless idiots. In a lot of ways I understand what it is Nick wants better than she does. I can read his handwriting and I usually know what he's trying to sign or say around a mouthful of gauze. And I'm gonna be his wife soon, damn it. Doesn't that count for something?

This is hard because I'd much rather be in a situation of weakness myself than see Nick in that situation. I'm used to thinking of him as my protector, and now that the roles are reversed... well, that's hard for me to take.

I'm looking forward to next Friday almost desperately. Not only will Nick be good as new by then, but we'll be going to the Monroeville Comicon and hanging out with mqstout in Oakland afterward.

After only two days of school- and job-freeness, I'm lonely and bored as hell. I miss my old job and everyone there. I go back to retail tomorrow... good thing they put a Starbucks in that mall, 'cause I'm gonna need it.

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