Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Stuck In My Head (II)

I don't understand the appeal of the 1965 film adaptation of Dr. Zhivago. It's billed as this timeless, epic romance. I'll give you that it was a well made film, and it's supposed to be depressing, but I don't like it. It does absolutely nothing to make Zhivago a character whom the audience can sympathize with- quite the contrary. The "epic" romance of the film involves Zhivago cheating on his sweet, supportive wife while giving nary a damn about her or their children. I'm supposed to root for that? Someone on moviepro.net sums up the film better than I can: "Spineless weasel fore sakes [sic] family to bone tart while pregnant wife and child toil in garden, croaks in street at end of movie while lusting after tail, indifferent to whereabouts of wife, son and daughter."

So, I have my problems with the film. However, it's nigh impossible to hate on Lara's Theme, by Maurice Jarre. Yep, another waltz. I told you I'm a sucker for them.
Tags: stuck in my head

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