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Stuck In My Head

And now for something completely different: during the Steelers' downtime, I'll try to post once a week about a good song that I've been playing a lot or has been stuck in my head for whatever reason. I'll post links to the songs whenever possible, so that you can have a listen and perhaps enjoy something you've never heard before, or know by heart.

This week's song is Big Fran's Baby, conducted by Lennie Niehaus and composed by Clint Eastwood for the film A Perfect World. I'm a total sucker for waltzes. The melody is simple, but nicely filled in by the accompanying instruments. This is a style of music called zydeco, which- to my embarrassment- I didn't know the term for until Remy brought it up.

We watched A Perfect World last night, which is why it's been in my head. Remy had not seen it, and I had been fairly young the last time I saw it, around eleven or twelve. It's always neat, as an adult, picking up all the things you missed or didn't get when you were younger.

In the film, this song is played twice. The first time is during one of the best and brightest moments for the main character- quickly followed by the second play, during which his dark side rears itself. If you haven't seen this film, I recommend it.
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