Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Quick Housing Update

Remy and I made good use of the holiday downtime to move into our new abode. The moving process was tiring, but pretty smooth. Hiring movers is awesome. The only snag was that, as we prepared to drive our kitties over in the snow and wind, my car wouldn't start. Remy walked both cats all the way to the house while I waited for AAA. My battery just needed a jump and some charging, thank goodness, and I was able to get it charged fully the next day, at a service station not even half a mile from our house. Man, I love being able to walk to everything.

We're 99% unpacked, and we officially like it here a lot. Rochester is acclimated, and loves all of his big new kitty televisions (our old apartment's windows faced buildings and brick walls). Sephie is slowly coming around, but is still too scared to descend the stairs and see what the first floor is like. There will be pictures when I'm not lazy about taking/uploading them.

Now to get our old apartment rented ASAP! I just posted an ad for it on Craigslist. Even with the four-floor hike, it really is a nice place, and the location can't be beat: within spitting distance of shopping, groceries, restaurants, bus lines, you name it. Our building also allows pets, and seems to be one of the few places in the neighborhood that does; we know this from our own apartment-hunting adventure back in 2007. We've never seen any of the other apartments in our building sit vacant for long, so hopefully ours won't either.
Tags: move, new house

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