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For ol' posterity's sake

Funny things I heard/read/said/saw throughout the year that I haven't already mentioned around here, at least as far as memory serves:

* "I kept seeing wavy lines as I read this...
Was it my beer or your printer?"

(Ops Management prof wrote this on my group term project)

* The constant stream of cussing, off-flipping, and ball-throwing of that one guy at bowling league who once wore a "Winning isn't Everything: Attitude Is" t-shirt.

* "Eight and a half by eleven... how big is that?"

* "What if it wasn't God, but a giant evil donut who created the universe?"
(Only in philosophy, people.)

* Going to "Snot Square" (Sennott Square) for class!

* Josh's Phi Alpha Kappa - Phi Rho Alpha Tau Sigma (spells out "Fuck Frats" in Greek, heh heh)

* "Condoms might protect you from STDs, but condoms will not save you from the wrath of God!"
(crazy street-corner soapbox guy at Forbes and Bigelow)

* "I'm doing this so birds don't shit on my head."
(I don't think I'm gonna miss riding the bus much)

And, just yesterday:

(After a prolonged discussion about how much Java sucks and how dumb the CS department was for switching to it)

Minna> So now they've got Java, the Flavor of the Month language. And when that goes out of style, they're gonna be fucked.
Josh> Yeah, they're gonna be fucked. They're going to be fucked-plus-plus, and they won't even know what that means.
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