Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Game 16: 30-24 (W)

Get well soon, Pat White!

Well, in all likelihood, this was the last game of the season for the Steelers. Houston won their game, which means the Steelers only get into the playoffs if the Ravens, Broncos, and Jets lose. Not happening, considering their opponents are the Raiders, Chiefs, and Bengals respectively.

About that Houston loss we needed: New England, I feel dirty because I had to root for you. You got my hopes up, and then you went and blew a 14-point lead. GET FUCKED.

As for this game, the dreaded fourth quarter almost did the Steelers in again, but they managed to pull a win out of their asses, even with Big Ben hurting his throwing arm. Willie Parker had a big hand in that, so kudos to him. Little Logan was also pretty outstanding today.

Ugh, we really need a better secondary next year. How sad is it that we got our first two cornerback INTs of the season in the last game of the season? And in all likelihood, we have to wait 'til next year to see Polamalu play again. Fucking Madden Curse! At least no one's going to put this Steelers roster on a video game box.

Anyway, while the five-game losing streak, the early-season special teams debacle, and the chronic fourth quarter and secondary issues have made this a rough season to watch, kudos to the team for holding together well enough to win their last three, which I never expected to happen after losing to Cleveland. I'll also remember fondly the game Remy and I got to see in person, back before the Chargers had gotten their feet under them.

That's all for this season, folks- unless a late Festivus Miracle gives us a wild card berth!
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