Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Game 15: 23-20 (W)

Does Baltimore have a foot left, after shooting themselves so many times? Ten penalties for over 100 yards, including two cheap-shot personal fouls. Two touchdowns and what could have been a game-winning pick, among other things, dropped or negated by penalties. I can't wait to hear all the bitching from the Bawlmer referee conspiracy crowd.

The Steelers D evaporated during the third quarter, only to make something of an old-time Steel Curtain showing in the fourth. Ike Taylor had a sack and a fumble recovery! Big Ben surpassed 4,000 passing yards for the season, the first Steeler QB ever to do so! And Reed shoved a kick returner out of bounds! IT'S A FESTIVUS MIRACLE.

So, what's up with the offense converting reliably on third and long, and failing hard on third and short? Well, I think I know part of the reason: Arians calling pass plays on like 94% of third downs, usually from shotgun. Shotgun, on third and one! Brilliant, asshole. They'll never see it coming. You have Big Ben in the pocket, not Kordell Stewart. More play-actions and sneaks, damn it!

Oh well, back to packing...
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