Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Game 14: 37-36 (W)

Holy. Shit.

Thanks to yet another lead-destroying fourth quarter meltdown, the Steelers found themselves down six points with 2:00 to play. The game came down to one pass, as time ran out. Ben scrambled out of the pocket and let fly. With 0:00 on the clock, Mike Wallace caught it for a TD, making a tremendous effort to keep his feet in bounds, and the extra point put the Steelers on top. Big Ben has a record passing day with a monstrous 503 yards, and this marks the first time in NFL history that a game ended with a final score of 37-36.

All from the team that got their asses handed to them by CLEVELAND last week. That's my team!

The announcers expressed surprise at Tomlin's late onside kick, but I think I understand where he was going with it. He knew our D wouldn't be able to make a stand. A Packers TD was inevitable. If the attempt failed (which it did), better to spot the Packers yardage and get the ball back with more time left on the clock. Not saying it was a great call, but I think that's what was going through his head.

At any rate, the Steelers playoff hopes are not totally dead yet. Just about every team we needed to lose, did lose. Who would've thunk it?

Oh well. Here's my Xmas wish list for the Steelers:

1) Either train Jeff Reed's ass off, or go shopping for a new kicker. They need someone who can hit the end zone, and who isn't afraid to make a block now and then.
2) Send William Gay packing, even if they only get a moldy potato for him. Upgrading the rest of the secondary wouldn't hurt either.
3) Chris Johnson or Drew Brees on the cover of Madden '11, so that Polamalu can start again.
4) A rush-intensive offense. While it's cool to see Big Ben throwing for zillions of yards a game, it's not Steeler football. Better to be so good with rushing and passing that the other defense has to stay on its toes with us.
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