Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

My stepdad's mom had to be taken off her ventilator today. She'd been battling double pneumonia, and her windpipe collapsed. I never met her, and I'm sorry about that, because she seemed really cool. Well into her nineties, she exercised every day, smoked like a chimney, and could match wits with anyone over anything. What a gift, to be lucid and active for so long. At least she didn't suffer.

Ray and Mom are flying to Arizona on Tuesday for the funeral and the settling of her estate. Mom's coming back Friday, which is my sister's birthday (and coincidentally, the day I'll be spending a good while at the doctor for several fun tests). The following Monday, Remy and I will close on our house. We'll be moving the Monday after that, with Xmas right in between. Busy December this year!

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