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Game 13: 13-6 (L)

So, this is what "unleashing Hell in December" looks like. Yep, looks about right. While Satan builds a snowman, I think I'll be stocking up on booze.

I don't mind that much when my team loses. I don't mind that much when my team loses big. I do mind that a team that won the Super Bowl last year can't get it together enough to beat three of the worst teams in the League, one of which is a long-time division rival who, before last evening, hadn't beaten the Steelers in like six or seven years.

And it wasn't even close. It wasn't that both teams put up a great fight, and the Browns just wanted it more. For the Steelers, play on all sides of the ball was atrocious. Like none of them gave a shit that their playoff hopes were on the line. They looked sloppy and careless, and a team like that shouldn't make the playoffs. They got exactly what they deserved for their level of effort: a humiliating ass-beating.

We've got even more severe beatings games against the Packers, Ravens, and Dolphins left. It's gonna be a long three weeks until we can put this season out of its misery. For all of Tomlin's talk about "changes" leading up to this game, the lineups he fielded looked awfully similar to the fail parade that lost the last four in a row. Maybe now that the Steelers have nothing to lose, Tomlin will have the balls to mix it up a little. Our secondary and O-line, especially, need all the help they can get. Also, coat everyone's hands in glue. Seriously, there's no excuse for all those dropped short and screen passes.
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