Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Game 12: 27-24 (L)

A list of things I'm annoyed about today:

1) Being at all glad that William Gay left the game due to injury. I hate when people get hurt, so I'm upset when they play so damn poorly that I'm glad they get hurt and pulled.

2) Having to spend 2+ hours on the phone with HP before they would agree to send a new HDD for my mom's warrantied computer. Within the first 5 minutes of the call, I had explained to them that the drive was broken, as well as all the things Remy and I did to verify as much (including trying to mount the HDD on a totally different computer, which didn't work). ScriptMonkey ran us through all the same damn diagnostics we already performed on our own before she would escalate to tier-2, and tier-2 guy wanted to run through the same shit again, until Remy lost his patience with him.

3) My car's spoiler came loose on one side. WTF? Great timing, just as I'm going back to work after a lengthy vacation when I would have had time to deal with it.

As for the good, we might be able to move to our new abode before January after all. Also, the best part of my football viewing day can be found right here.
Tags: steelers, video

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