Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Game 11: 20-17 (L - OT)

Big Ben, Batch, Kemoeatu, and Polamalu out? I figured the loss was inevitable, but I'm surprised it ended this close.

There are a few things to be proud about: the Steelers won the battle on turnovers, allowed no sacks while hanging 5 on Flacco, and they didn't allow anyone to run back a kick for a TD, FINALLY (Sepulveda put the pain on the one fool who got close, demonstrating to Reed what he should try doing sometime). For his first NFL start ever, Dixon didn't do that bad. Sucks that they didn't let him run the ball more.

I'm about ready to write off this season. We have some "easy" games coming up, and a rematch with the Ravens in Pittsburgh, but FFS... in a year when we beat the Vikings and lose to the Chiefs, all bets are off.
Tags: steelers

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