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Because I am a masochist.

Happy Birthday to Ray! He likes Nascar, so I got him a big Nascar-licensed cooler bag that comes with a foam cushion, so he can plunk down on that and enjoy some cold beer next time he goes out to Indy. I hope he likes it. From his reaction, I couldn't really tell, but he's not a very emotional guy to begin with.

Just one more program and one more paper to go. Yay!!! Oh shit, that means I need to start studying...

...to heck with that for now. Let the self-hurting begin! Compliments of purrsia!

The High School Meme:

The School and Year you graduated?
Upper St. Clair High School, 2000

Nickname in high school?
Didn't have one that stuck per se... but one guy liked to call me "the Physics Beast."

Sport you were into?
I was into martial arts all through high school, but my karate school was not at all affiliated with my high school.

Had a circle of friends?
A very small one that had originated long ago in middle school. Other than that, I was on friendly terms with some people who were in the non-snobby cliques (like the marching band clique or the field hockey clique).

Best subject?
I got straight As for four years, LOL- I liked pretty much everything.

My favorite class?
My 11th grade English class with Mr. Brosnahan. That year really helped me mature as a writer. I was also very much into my 9th and 10th grade math classes (both taught by Ms. Serniak, who was an even bigger nut for the Penguins than I was back then, hehe!), and my 11th and 12th grade physics classes.

Worst subject?
Phys Ed. I HATED having to swim.

A teacher you owe life lessons to?
All of them, really, in their own various ways, whether they meant it or not.

Describe in one word...
Freshman (year 9): Horrid. I was depressed all the fucking time and wanted only to come home each day and sleep.
Sophomore (year 10): Easy. Half of my teachers went on sabbatical for the spring semester, and I ended up with a bunch of substitute teachers who didn't know their asses from holes in the ground. When you can spend an entire history class reminiscing with friends about Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite in the back of the room while marching a Keroppi pencil topper around maps in the textbook, it is truly a glorious thing.
Junior (year 11): Great. I was busy as hell, but definitely my best year. This was also the year I completed the most demanding project I've ever done, even harder than anything I've done in college: a 27-page research paper detailing the effectiveness of various jury selection techniques.
Senior (year 12): Boring. When spring semester rolled around, school became a total joke. I didn't see many friends throughout the day either, so most of my time was spent wandering around in moody reflection.

Your best friend was?
Carrie. The two of us were thick as thieves, and we were even in Germany together in the summer before senior year. She went to Penn State, and I haven't heard from her in a while, though.

Worst friend?
Didn't so much have bad friends as I had hordes of people who absolutely hated me for whatever reason. None of them did much of anything about it, though- because I rampantly let it be known that I held an advanced belt in karate! ;D

How was the prom?
Fun! I asked a junior along; once we left, we went to my house, watched the MST3K movie, and then I drove him home. The only suck thing about it was the music- mostly the same hip-hop songs repeated over and over, impossible to dance to. And I like me some dancing, damn it.

Who were the prom king and queen?
Our school didn't do prom king/queen. That was only a Homecoming thing.

Any achievements?
I was in National Honor Society, and was nominated for Student of the Year a couple of times. I was also in several math tournaments. In one, I placed third individually and my team also placed third; the second time I went, I didn't win anything; third time, my team won second place. ^_^ I was also valedictorian and got to make a speech at commencement, as well as a big gold medallion. Bliiing-blingin', yo!

Were you popular?
Hell no. Well, only in that infamous I-wanna-kill-her way.

Best song that reminds you of high school?
That "Freshmen" song by The Verve Pipe.

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