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House Update

Inspection was yesterday, and that went well. The roof is the only (minor) sticky point. We know it was replaced at some time, but we don't know when; the inspector's best guess is about ten years ago. There is some evidence of water damage near a skylight, but we think it was probably from before the roof was replaced. Even so, we're going to see if the seller won't be able to get someone to certify that there are no leak problems at the present time. The seller himself showed up toward the end of the inspection- nice enough guy from what I heard- and he was adamant that he's had no trouble with the roof in the time he's owned the place. We're inclined to believe him, but we'd still like to cover our asses. Mom and Ray came over during the inspection to see the place, and they really like it. Parental approval is not absolutely required, but it is a plus.

Homeowner's insurance is squared away, at least as much as possible right now. The insurance company will be contacting the mortgage broker to carry out the remaining part of the deal.

Mortgage paperwork should be arriving shortly. Over the weekend, we gathered up the sorts of things that we'll have to turn in with it: pay stubs, W-2s, current bank statements, and such. Still waiting to hear how many pints of blood the underwriter will want after that.

As far as what's under our control, that's pretty much it for now. We paid out some hand money when our offer was accepted, and when we're done ironing out the inspection details and the inspection is "released," we'll be paying out more hand money (not everyone does it this way, but we wanted to show the seller that we meant serious biz). After that happens, and once our mortgage is approved, it'll probably be safe enough to give notice to our landlord.

Closing is slated for the end of December. We'll be pestering the hell out of our Realtor and mortgage broker to ensure that all loose ends are tied well before then. On one hand, I'm glad we've allotted so much time for everyone involved to get their ducks in a row. On the other, I'm ready to sign all the paperwork yesterday and just move in already!
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