Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Yikes, it worked

Over the weekend, we saw a house that we liked, about a half-mile from our current location.

Last night, we put in an offer on said house.

Today, the offer was accepted.




"Freaked" is the best term for my mental state at present. What most people treat as exciting life milestones, yours truly tends to chase down with a bottle of Maalox. I probably won't be able to relax until we've completely moved in, completely finish with our lease, get everything set up and transferred and whatnot, and I get through my thick skull that we'll still have a good chunk of money in the bank even after closing. I'm the veteran of five moves since 2004, two across state borders. At least I've got most of those logistics and minutiae down pat. It's the BUYING A GODDAMN HOUSE part that's new (and terrifying).

I'll post more info when it's more of a sure thing. I've seen how these things have fallen through on others, often due to completely stupid things out of their control. It isn't a done deal until the keys are in your hands.
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