Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Game 7: 27-17 (W)


::runs through brick wall::

Steelers dealt the Vikings their first loss this season. Toward the end, it seemed like all hope was lost, when Fox picked off Favre and ran it back for a TD. That was after Woodley did (almost) the same thing to end a Vikings red-zone drive. Always a nail-biter with the Black and Gold, but they make their own luck sometimes.

I hope that referee that got clocked is OK!

Bye Week To-Do List
- Cast Cure Moderate Wounds on Smith, Timmons, et al
- Build wristbands for Mendenhall that secrete Superglue
- Put a boot up Reed's ass for that pussy fucking "tackle." I'm 5'6", 109 lbs soaking wet, and I seriously could've done better. If that jackass had felt like trying, that would've kept seven points off the board.

ETA: Woodley's run needed some Benny Hillification.
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