Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Game 6: 27-14 (W)

I actually called Polamalu's 1st quarter INT a few plays before it happened. Cleveland was getting deep into Steelers territory, and I told Remy, "This is when Polamalu puts on his cape and makes the interception that stops the drive." Sure enough...

Far from a perfect game, but we'll take it. We held together pretty well in the 4th quarter for once, but sheesh, what was up with FumbleFest 2009 in the 3rd? Both teams combined for five fumbles in five consecutive possessions.

We got to watch the last 2:00 of the MIN/BAL game, and the Dirty Birds' late rally actually had me pulling for them. That's really too bad that their kicker missed the game-winning field goal. We get to play the Vikes in Pittsburgh next week. I'm nervous about our chances, but just as the Steelers can be counted on to play down to shitty opposition, they can shine against tough teams.

CBS is showing TEN/NE right now. That's a scary amount of snow. In contrast, it's clear and sunny here in Pittsburgh for the first time in nearly a week.
Tags: steelers

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