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* I've had the past several days off work. It's been glorious. Drawing, writing, housework, all kinds of things I want to do are getting done. Still also playing Muramasa on the Wii. I beat the game once through with Momohime, now I'm working through Kisuke's arc. My one complaint is that the encounters can get repetitive. Okay, two: there aren't enough flaming swords. Otherwise, it's a lot of fun, and very pretty to look at.

* Updated my artwork gallery to include only the stuff I've done recently or semi-recently. It is here. I'll keep posting stuff there as I draw it, but I probably won't be making OOH GO LOOKIT posts to go along with each new scan.

* Went to the doctor today for a check-up. All is well, but he wants me to get a bone density scan. He thinks I may be at risk for osteoporosis- I guess because I'm a tiny little thing; I'm not sure.

* I have a few big original writing projects going at the moment. I won't know how big until I can actually force them out of my skull. It's annoying, though, because my attitude toward them constantly alternates between "Woot!" and "Holy shit, I'm embarrassed by how horrible this is." When stuck in the latter state, it's hard to force myself to keep going. That's what I usually do anymore- I force myself to work on them, even when I'm not really feeling it. Oftentimes, I'll find my missing inspiration once I've spent a few paragraphs warming up. Besides, whatever gets written is going to have to be shredded and rewritten anyway. It's a lot easier for me to work with something than with nothing.

I did recently submit a piece of short fiction (very short- under 350 words) to a contest. I'll wait to post it until its fate is known. I also finished a third installment of At the Retirement Home, but I don't like it as much as the first two, so I'll work on hammering that out before posting it.

Remy has been an invaluable beta reader for everything, which I really appreciate.

Hells no, I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. When it comes to creative activity, deadlines and I do not get along. Besides, I already wrote a Java program for completing NaNo whenever the fuck I want. I could churn out a full novel every day that month, if I felt like it. That might actually be fun to try, see what sort of barely coherent messes are generated. Again, no one said quality was a goal of NaNo.

* While I'm on programming, I also wrote a simple but useful mouse-jiggling app- something to keep my laptop from falling asleep when I'm watching movies. It also comes in handy if you need to stay logged into a machine that's set to lock you out after X minutes of inactivity. My program moves your mouse cursor to a different position on the screen every few minutes, which is enough to prevent screen savers, power-save modes, and other "idle" processes from activating. You can find such programs easily for Mac OS, but not so much for Windows. If anyone wants my program, let me know. It should run on any OS as long as you have a JRE (Java Runtime Environment), which you probably already have installed.

* As an update to an earlier post, I did get my $362.50 refunded by Paypal for my botched sales transaction from Hell. I escalated the case, and the seller never responded within the 10 days Paypal gave him. Like Purrsia said, the guy was guilty of bad customer service at the very least.
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