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27 September 2009 @ 07:25 pm
Game 3: 23-20 (L)  
Shortly after we turned off the TV, we heard outside what sounded like either a door slamming shut, or a gunshot. Draw your own conclusions. It's only week 3, and Steeler Nation knows it's not looking good.

Sweed drops a perfect TD pass- again. Reed misses another field goal. Ben throws a pick-six out of nowhere. After dominating all game, the whole team suffers a 4th quarter meltdown reminiscent of the Cowher era. Any one of these things doesn't happen, and it would've been our W. Too many goddamn mistakes piling up, against a team that needs us to pile on the mistakes before they have a prayer.

The Steelers have a bad case of Superbowlitis, and 3rd place in the AFC North had better be their wake-up call.


On the other hand, Myron Cope's curse is still hard at work- the Titans have dropped to 0-3- and Hines Ward surpassed the 10k receiving yard mark. The afternoon wasn't a total wash!
Mako, Director of The Ancient Order of Sidewalks: stillersjo_mako on September 28th, 2009 12:08 am (UTC)
Sucks the loss..

Am LOVING that Myron's curse is still going strong for the Titans!