Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Week 2: 14-17 (L)

Last week Hines Ward fumbles, this week Jeff Reed misses two field goals. What happens next week? Does Big Ben stay within a solidly formed pocket for the entire game?

Whenever the view switched to Polamalu on the sidelines, he looked like he wanted to bust out there and tear some heads off. Thankfully, he'll be back in another couple of weeks.

The Bears put up a worse game than the Titans, and the Steelers still managed to secure a defeat. At least there was one thing to giggle about late in the game: the referee knocking the helmet off Cutlersulker's head while whistling a timeout. (Let's see that again!)

Goddamnitsomuch, we're tied for second place with the Bungles in the AFC North. It's only week 2, but it still makes me feel dirty to think about that.
Tags: steelers

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