Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Shameless plug: Don't be a G20 jackass

Remy put together this little website: Don't Be a G20 Jackass

While it's exciting to think that so much of the world's attention will be concentrated on my hometown in a few days, it's also going to be a colossal pain in the ass. With all the hubbub, street closing, and fence-erecting downtown, many business are telling workers to take the days off or work from home (Remy falls in the latter category, thankfully). I still can't believe all parking garages downtown will be closed. There are, perhaps, five metered parking spots in all of downtown, which is going to make things very interesting for anyone forced to head in those days.

Even with staying at home, Remy and I far from insulated. With the Obamas wining and dining in Oakland, and an event or two at Pitt, we're going to be right next to a lot of the chaos. I don't have off-street parking, so I don't intend to budge my car an inch until this whole thing blows over.

Once it's over, we get to see how badly the protesters have trashed stuff. *sigh*

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