Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Football trumps all?

Good: The local art museum offers art instruction and appreciation classes for adults. There's going to be an intro drawing class this fall that looks interesting. I haven't drawn in ages, and would appreciate some formal instruction, as I don't have any to speak of.

Bad: Art class runs on Sunday afternoons during football season. I would miss three Steeler games: Oct. 18 (BROWNS), Oct. 25 (VIKINGS), and Nov. 15 (at Bengals).

Extra Difficulty: Only have basic cable, and my VCR is broken.

I would be all gung-ho for signing up if it weren't for the missing football aspect. I know that's retarded- and, I know, the fucking Brownies and Bungles- but still. I can catch the highlight reels, but it's not the same. I adore early afternoon football games. I'm also perversely curious to see how many times Woodley and Harrison sack Brittfar, and how many INTs the League's best D will force out of that giant sack of walking hubris.

Blaarg. Still haven't decided yet. Maybe I should first ask around about whether these classes are worth going to in the first place.
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