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The Path to Freedom

* Operating Systems programming project 4 (due 4/4)
* Operating Systems programming project 5 (due ?)
* Marketing paper (product/promotion/distribution) (due 4/7)
* Marketing paper (new product plan) (due 4/16)
* Philosophy paper (free will vs. determinisim) (due ?)
* Strategic Management case study paper (due 4/12)
* Strategic Management case study powerpoint (due 4/12)
* Strategic Management case study class presentation (4/12)

* Roman Civilization final (4/19)
* Operating Systems final (4/20)
* Marketing final (4/20)
* Strategic Management final (4/21)

Then I'll be GRADUATED!!! =D

Sorry... I often write lists like this when I'm feeling overwhelmed by what needs done when. It helps me "see" everything (I'm very visual), put everything into perspective, and understand that I'm not as swamped as I thought I was.

Now, let's all just pluck away at our twangers! (hint: press the yellow button)
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