Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

And so it goes...

There were more rallies in Tehran today, despite Mousavi asking his supporters not to show up for fear of their safety. BBC says that today's turnout was even bigger than yesterday's, and yesterday's numbered in the hundreds of thousands (some accounts report millions). President Obama has made some comments, but obviously, the US government is playing this one cautiously.

My cousin in Sanandaj showed up on Gmail this afternoon, so we chatted for a bit. Everything is fine, but the Iranian government continues to crack down on websites (they've just recently blocked Yahoo! Messenger, which is why he was on Gmail), and he wishes he was home in Tehran, with the rest of the family.

I let him know about all the supportive things people have been saying about the protests, even in places where you'd least expect it, like Fark. He can't see any of it since Twitter, LJ, Fark, etc. are blocked, but hearing that people are rooting for the Persians seemed to cheer him up a bit. =)
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