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02 June 2009 @ 05:12 pm
Get angry, then go do something about it  
Based on amethyst_hunter's fine suggestion, I sent a donation in memory of Dr. George Tiller: National Network of Abortion Funds

This shit gets my blood boiling. This is one of the very plainest examples of terrorism and religious extremism one can point to, but because these piles of human waste thump on a Bible and not a Koran, they will continue to waltz in and out of prison and be publicly defended by "good," "Christian" people. Fucking adults who speak of demons as though they actually exist.

Unless people grow the fuck up and start minding their own goddamn business, we are all royally screwed.
sageblessing on June 2nd, 2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
It might be worse than you think... Racism, Anti-Semitism, and the Murder of Dr. Tiller
The Perfidious One, amethyst_hunter: Kitteh failz at eatedamethyst_hunter on June 3rd, 2009 08:00 am (UTC)
Part one of the suggestion box (dang LJ limits)
I would also point out that it's important to do the following:

- Refer to Dr. Tiller as just that, *Doctor*. The terrorists are denying him his title, if not outright replacing it with a title of their own nasty making (see also: Bill O' Lie-ly, Rush Limbarf, and the original OR whackjob himself, Randall Terry).

- Refer to the man who shot him and the supporters of anti-choice action as terrorists - because that's EXACTLY what they are. No, not all those who would not personally choose an abortion are terrorists; however, the groups with which the shooter is linked DO have a history of engaging in both encouraging harassment and terrorism and the actual violence itself:

Operation Rescue, which has a DOCUMENTED and lengthy history of having a vendetta against Dr. Tiller for *decades*, which includes: one assassination attempt back in the early 1990s, clinic vandalism, death threats, arson, and attempted legal bastardization by bringing trumped-up charges (that were later dismissed). Not surprisingly, OR's website is currently down and their "Tiller hit list" is scrubbed off; more disturbingly, there may be evidence re: the dark_christian community that the OR webmasters *may have known* about the assassination BEFORE it hit the national media and are pulling a CYA maneuver to avoid legal action!

Then there's Army of God, which is a *DOCUMENTED* hate group, militia and dominionist terror group responsible for churning out a lot of violence-inclined "God Warriors". Again, dark_christian has an extensive write-up on this.

- Stop the victim-blaming and call people on it when they do it. My SIL angered me beyond belief last night by replying to a post on my facebook (yeah, I got one of the dreaded things, mainly to keep up with a few family members) about Dr. Tiller's assassination, saying that "he was just as guilty as the man who killed him." (Which is basically saying that he deserved to die. She is anti-choice, needless to say) Personal viewpoints on the subject of abortion aside, this is victim-blaming and is pretty much the equivalent of saying that a woman who wears a short skirt deserves it if she is raped.
The Perfidious One, amethyst_hunter: Kitty does not want!amethyst_hunter on June 3rd, 2009 08:01 am (UTC)
Part 2
- Point out that Dr. Tiller did WAY more than just late-term abortions, which I suspect were rarer than the media is leading everyone to believe. He also offered counseling and adoption services to those who requested them, and did a lot of regular ob/gyn work. The abortions he did do were always for medical emergencies (think dead-in-utero or non-viable fetus, anecephaly, or Harlequin fetus (but beware if you go Googling - the last has some horrible images)) - he was literally one of a bare handful of doctors in the country who were able and willing to do late-term abortions - and by all the accounts I've read thus far, these were all women who *wanted* the pregnancy but for whatever reason were unable to continue it - these were not just some irresponsible girls looking for a quick fix; these were women who desperately wanted children and couldn't have them. (The Huffington Post site has some excellent articles on women who used Dr. Tiller's services)

- Contact your congresscritters, representative crawlers, even (especially) President Obama, and *demand* that this terrorism be stopped. As much as I like Obama myself, he needs to get the picture that there are just some people you CANNOT reason or work with because they are hellbent (literally) on forcing the world to their sick whims. We need to do business with the people that will work with us (i.e., the sensible anti-abortion citizens like your average Jane or Joe) and squelch the terrorists that refuse to abide by peaceful rules. Bullies only understand force. (Not necessarily *physical* force in this case, but I sure wouldn't rule out military policing that basically tells these nuts "fuck with us and we ARE shooting to kill if you come anywhere near where you're not supposed to.")

- Speak out. Every time you hear someone spread a lie or myth about abortion and/or birth control, correct them. Abortion itself needs to be destigmatized. Women who have had one are encouraged to share their experiences with others - NO female I know takes this decision lightly, regardless if they choose abortion or not. Many women keep silent about their abortions because of complex feelings and/or fear of being treated poorly because of it. Your extra voice will help to drown out the cacophony of extremism.