Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Unusual Stuff I Did This Week

Reaction stoichiometry. I no longer remember the nifty algebraic trick my dad (who had a MS in chemical engineering) taught me for balancing chemical equations, but I was still able to successfully balance a number of them in my chemistry practice book. The best trick, I find, is to immediately get rid of any odd numbers of atoms in a compound (the solitary O in H2O, for instance) by multiplying by 2. After that, it's cake. In general, the chemistry book I picked up is not too bad. I still grok physics better, though!

Cooked dinner with a new recipe, and it didn't suck. Remy normally handles dinner-making during the week, but I took over one evening. I made this with a few alternations, like using ginger powder and cayenne pepper in lieu of minced ginger and chili paste, and pan-frying pieces of chicken in sesame oil to go with it. It was really easy, and turned out well.

Made an origami tulip. After several failed attempts, that is. I still can't inflate the tulip the way you're supposed to, but I can use a toothpick to pop it out. Origami is not my forte, and it shows. Still, I want to practice a tulip some more, and then maybe a rose. My mom's birthday and Mother's Day are a day apart, and in lieu of presents, she wants my sister and me to go over to her place and make dinner. (We're actually celebrating the week after Mother's Day, because I stupidly booked my and Remy's anniversary plans for that weekend... d'oh!) Easily done, but I can't just give Mom nothing! My sister wants to bring a cake, and suggested that I bring flowers. I figured I'd try to do one better, and make a bouquet of flowers that won't wilt. Hence, origami practice. I want to get a clear glass vase, and some fake stems for the blossoms. Instead of water, I'll fill the vase with little origami stars. I'm just hoping I get good enough at folding to pull it off! (As a bit of consolation, Rochester loves playing with the models that I mess up...)

Listened to a German newscast, and understood most of it. Well, I've been listening to the newscasts for a couple of weeks now. They're special langsam gesprochene (slowly spoken) newscasts, tailored for people learning German. Actual German newscasts are spoken at a rapid-fire pace. If you can listen to one of those and figure out what the hell is going on, you can be confident that your German is great! That's what I eventually hope to graduate to, but for now, I'll listen to the slow news, then read the transcript and look up the words I don't know. I understand more each day, which is encouraging.
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