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Ganked from thedemonprist:

Name four bad habits you have:

- Putting off exercise

- Senioritis

- Burning myself out over stupid stuff so I don't have time or energy for fun stuff

- Forgetting people's names

Name four things that you wish you had:

- Money

- A nice house

- A nice car

- A time machine

Name your four biggest character flaws:

- Too cautious/unwilling to take risks

- Moodiness/oversensitivity

- Indecision

- Becoming super high-strung and volatile when under time pressure

Name four scents you love:

- Yankee "Christmas Cookie" candles

- New car

- Gasoline

- Chocolate

Name four scents you hate:

- Cigarette smoke

- Rotten pumpkins (still having Halloween flashbacks)

- Chlorine tablets

- B.O.

Name four things you are wearing:

- Red tank top

- Jeans

- Pair of gold hoop earrings

- Pair of diamond stud earrings

Name four things you'd never wear:

- Frumpy old lady clothes

- Thongs

- Tube tops

- Capris

Name four things you have done today:

- Worked on my programming assignment

- Worked on my new website

- Thought about a Star Trek RPG plot

- Ate breakfast

Name four of your favorite things to do:

- Draw

- Write

- Eat

- Play video games

Name the last four things you have bought:

- Gas

- Two dozen bagels for the office

- A pint of milk to go with lunch

- Wedding rings

Name four favorite colors:

- Blue

- Silver

- Green

- Black

Name four least favorite colors:

- Olive green/brown

...that's really about it.

Name four things you regularly drink:

- Coffee

- Milk

- Water

- Tea

Name four things you can't drink:

- Cough syrup (I'd much rather choke down a horse pill)

- Doogh (it's a plain yogurt soda from Iran... blecch)

- Beer

- Carbonated water (yuckyuckyuck)

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