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New Year? Yeah, New Year!

Eid-eh shomah mobaraq!

In other words, Happy New Year, everyone! Iranian new year, that is, known as both Eid and Nowruz. ^_^ For some reason, I'm more excited about it than I have been in past years. We don't even have a haft-sin set up at home this year (the traditional table decorated with stuff symbolic for good luck, wealth, happiness, etc. for the new year), probably because it doesn't feel like springtime right now, but for whatever reason I'm still excited. Probably because Mom is making all kinds of food for tomorrow =9 I'll have to remember to scan pics of our haft-sin of years past, if only to make myself feel better. ;)

So, big dinner tomorrow night... then more dinner at mqstout's Sunday. Lots of good food all weekend! I'm so getting spoiled. ;)

Gotta pay for all that fun with work now, though... I need to write a philosophy paper I have zero interest writing right now. You know what? I should just grab one of my old papers and replace every instance of "Socrates" with "Descartes." I don't think my TA would notice.
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