Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

You no longer have an excuse

In case you weren't aware, the White House website has gotten a whole lot friendlier. Everything the executive and legislative branches do is getting posted online for the People (their bosses!) to check out. Check the blog to see what goes on from day to day. The President also makes a weekly address every Saturday, so check that out too.

Like something? Don't like something? Have a better idea? Let the man know.

If you're looking for political information from outside the current administration, you can check out PolitiFact. It's kind of like Snopes for recent US politics. It tracks the truthiness of politicans' claims, whether they flip on issues (which I don't necessarily have a problem with- there's nothing wrong with changing your mind based on new information), and there's a special tracker for all of Obama's campaign promises. For only being on the job for two weeks, he's off to a pretty good start.
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