Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Inauguration Day

This is nothing you ever need to worry about, but if my dirty atheist ass is ever elected to the United States Presidency, here's what I'd tweak about the inauguration proceedings:

1) Replace the invocation with a nice thank-you speech to the People for their participation in this peaceful transition of power. They are the ones who make it possible. Follow that with a moment of respectful silence. Those in attendance may encode and transmit thought waves* to The Noodly One (or other deity of choice) during that moment, or not, as preferred.
2) Swear in with one hand on a copy of the US Constitution, since that's the document I'm swearing to defend and uphold.
3) Say "This I vow" or something similar at the end of the swear-in.
4) Yo-Yo Ma? Sweet! Let's hear more John Williams arrangements! (We'd all rather hear that than my speech, wouldn't we?)

* Thought waves, by definition, must be analog. Right? When's the transition to digital scheduled to occur?
Tags: libertarian
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