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Brake for spring!

That Murphy's Law thing came back to bite me in the butt. You know how when you're at work/school, all you can think about are all the fun things you'd rather be doing at home? Then when you're home, you never get around to doing said fun things? Yeah, that's where I am. I promised myself I'd make some headway on a website or writing or drawing or all of the above, and I've done next to nothing of any of it. Oh well, there are a couple of days left for me to capitalize on =)

* We've been taking advantage of spring break to go house hunting. Neither of us is in a position to apply for a loan, hehe, but we figure we might as well look anyway, should a job/jobs suddenly come our way. (One of the houses we looked at was being "babysat" by three very sweet cats. All of them were cute and loving and purred lots- quite a contrast to Tootsie, Ray's tonkinese. Tootsie is very pretty and is nice when she wants to be, but is generally scared as hell of everyone and everything!)

* To that effect, I was downtown yesterday taking a programming aptitude test for a help desk position (yeah, I don't get that either, but I think it worked out to my advantage, LOL!). It was basically mathematical expressions, decision trees, and a little section on base 8 arithmetic- no problemo whatsoever for me. But I think a lot of the other people there had no clue what they were doing, hehe. I finished the test before anyone else, and as I'm sitting there waiting for time to run out, watching all these middle-aged people still struggling over the thing, I'm thinking, "How's it feel to have your ass beat by a 22 year-old?" ;D

* I ordered our wedding rings! They're being made by a custom jeweler out in Colorado. They're the "One Ring" from LotR (we've had the idea to do this for a couple years now); this guy hand-engraves them based on the text found in the books (the text found on the movie ring is different). We've shopped around and seen machine-cut 10K gold "One Rings" being sold for $550+ EACH. This guy is making the pair of 14K rings for us for $400. =D The bargain hunter in me rejoices mightily. And lo, my credit card despairs! ($400 still hurts, but I can cover it). I can't wait to see them.
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