Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Spread Good Cheer or Burn in Hell...

It's a Merry Fucking Christmas!

(How, exactly, did I spend so many years oblivious to this song's existence?)

We had a nice past few days. If it weren't for poor Remy's allergies flaring up with a vengeance after visiting with my parents- who own a sweet but allergy-flaring Tonkinese kitty- it would have been about as close to perfection as this holiday gets. (I define "perfection" in this instance as a minimum of bad fortune, crappy Xmas music, and family bickering.)

The crown jewels of my haul are a silver-and-diamond antique wristwatch from the 1940s (THANKS Mom and Ray!), and a DVD collection of pretty much every Frankenstein movie ever made (THANKS Krissy!). The Bride of Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies ever. I asked for that and for James Whale's other Frankenstein film (the first one). Krissy found a DVD set that includes those, as well as the others that weren't directed by Whale. I'll be checking them out in good time.

We all played dominoes together, and watched WALL-E (which my mom got Ray) and Singin' in the Rain (which I got for my parents). I also helped my mom order a new computer, and performed the usual cleanup routine on her existing one: spyware scan, uninstalling unused programs, deleting temporary Internet files, defragging the hard drive- you know, stuff she never does. So help me, I feel aggravated when my parents treat me like Tech Support, but left to my own devices, I just can't help doing Tech-Supporty things on their computers. Preventative maintenance, I guess. I would have also wanted to put some documents away in folders to get rid of the 5,274 icons on my mom's desktop, but I managed to stay my hand in that respect.

For some bizarre and unknown reason, my mom had SQL Server 2005 installed on her machine. An actual DBMS? Poor Mom can't even pronounce "SQL," and I don't think she's ever even opened Access before in her life.
Tags: geek humor, video

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