Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Game 15: 31-14 (L)

After our win last week, we clinched second seed and a first-round bye in the playoffs, meaning the rest of the regular season can be experienced nail-bite-free. Winning the rest of our games would mean moving up to first seed, but this isn't critical for us.

I was starting to get worried this week when the Steelers were ranked #1 in a bunch of power rankings. I got really worried when we were cast as the heavy favorites to win over Tennessee. The Steelers are not a team that does well in the spotlight. They do a lot better as the underdog: flying under everyone's radar, only to come at you out of nowhere and make you sorry you underestimated them. Whenever the Steelers get a lot of media attention, I get nervous.

So yeah, it was a bad showing today, but at least we can stop worrying about living up to hype, or trying to take first seed. I'd rather take a loss and keep everyone relatively healthy than kick our own behinds to win this game, only to be broken for the playoffs.

(Still: that unsportsmanlike against James Harrison? Where?)

I really think they could have given Leftwich the ball a few times in this game. Ben didn't look up to snuff, and Leftwich knows how to play against the AFC South. Oh well- he and all the other second-stringers will probably see significant time next week, when we host the Brownies at home. Great way to close out the season!

I was willing to say "Good game, Tennessee" and hold no grudges. But just now, I watched two of the Titans take out a Terrible Towel and stomp on it.

That does it. The gloves are off, douchebags! See you in the playoffs, perhaps...
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