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Game 12: 33-10 (W)

Looking at the schedule before the season began, this was one of those games I never would've dreamed we'd win. Convincingly, at that.

Sure didn't seem like it'd be that way in the first half, though. Granted, I was only half-paying attention while going through the usual Frantic Pre-Trip Housecleaning routine, but the Steelers looked mediocre at best.

Then came the second half. Really, I should just start watching the game at the third quarter anymore, it'd save me some nails and nerves. Five turnovers, twenty-three unanswered points (thirty for the whole game). By the end, the intrepid Steelers fans- who had braved the Bahstin crowd and the craptastic weather to be there- had Gillette Stadium all to themselves.

In the second half, no dimension of the team looked bad. Offense, defense, and special teams spent all their time embarrassing the Pats.

This season, the Steelers have outscored their opponents in the third quarter 77-9. Another reason to just wait to watch until the second half. ;)
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