Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

King of the US? Zaal's last hurrah?

The President is gearing up to preemptively pardon his friends and himself for possible felonies committed while he was in office. See this article for details.

Same article details a resolution in the House condemning preemptive pardons, and calling for an investigation into possible illegal activity. You can send a note to your House-critter to ask them to support it. (Just don't be a dumbass like me: addressing it to Senator Specter, then realizing that I shouldn't be sending anything to Senators, then going to the appropriate Representative's website, then copying/pasting/sending the email already written without ever remembering to change the "Dear Senator Specter" greeting. That oughta give the person filtering incoming email a good chuckle.)

This isn't a partisan issue. Doesn't matter who's sitting in the Oval Office. It should scare you that, if preemptive pardons are kosher, then any President from here on out can do whatever the hell s/he wants, and get away scott-free afterward.

In other news, my beloved laptop Zaal may be dead. He was fine yesterday, I let him sleep as usual and tried opening him up this morning, and he didn't awaken. All attempts to resuscitate him have failed. I'll take him to the Genius Bar tonight. If Zaal never comes back, I'm hoping I can at least salvage his HDD. There's stuff on there I didn't back up over the past few weeks. I will be bummed if I've lost it all.

Edit: Zaal lives! I didn't know how to do this, but Remy did.
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